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Injuries In Sexual Assault Cases

Sexually Assaulted?  Want Compensation?  Get a Lawyer?

If you have endured the pain and indignity of a sexual assault, you may be able to obtain financial compensation through a civil law suit.  This can be true whether the person was handed criminal charges or not.  The damages can sometimes be obtained from the assaulter, sometimes from others who should have protected you and sometimes from an insurance company.  The damage awards can be substantial.

Robert J. MacKay has experience with these kinds of cases.  Indeed, Mr. MacKay has been a lawyer for over 30 years.  The sooner you obtain legal advice the better your chances of financial recovery.  Whatever the cause, Robert J. MacKay can provide you with an opinion as to whether or not it would be worthwhile to proceed against the perpetrator.

Sometimes the police have been involved.  In such cases there may be medical reports and evidence and a police report.  Mr. MacKay can facilitate getting copies of these documents.  In some cases, photographic and other evidence is taken.  If there are criminal charges pending, or concluded, against the accused this can have an impact on the civil case.  Talk to Mr. MacKay about these things.  All such conversations are strictly confidential.

If you have been through a sexual assault and are looking for a lawyer to represent you for injuries,  emotional damage suffered and all the financial compensation that can go along with such cases – go with the experience!  Call Robert J. MacKay today.

Edmonton Sexual Assault Injury Lawyer